Boys Recreational Gymnastics

Men’s gymnastics requires the greatest strength, and agility of any sport. Such strength and agility can be easily transferred to just about any other sport.

At a young age, a boy gymnast learns the basics of movement and body positioning, as well as a mental understanding of how to break down more complicated tasks into their parts, then combines them into a whole.

As a male gymnast, he must learn that the “quality” of his activity is as important as the quality of new skills he learns. This is the old, “I can do flips!” theory where that may be considered cool by his friends, but in gymnastics we are more concerned in his ability to hold a handstand with straight legs.

The progress of the boys is measured on a “Levels” program similar to the girls. The boys start in Level A and progress to Level D.

boys level testing program Q & A

  • How is my child placed into a class?
    • We first put a child in a group according to their age and gymnastics skill level. Then we evaluate their specific skill level to make sure that they are not in a group that is too difficult or not challenging enough.
  • What should my child wear?
    • Boys usually wear at t-shirt and shorts. The best shorts are not too baggy, like spandex. There are also boy’s gymnastics’ suits available in the Split Leap Pro-shop, located next too the front office.
  • Do I ever get to see my child perform?
    • YES! The Level 3 boys will have one or two practice meets. There is also the GALA Evening of Gymanstics scheduled for the spring of each year. Here, each gymnast gets a chance to show their stuff.
  • How does my child get on the boy’s competitiive team?
    • Team membership is by invitation only and is based on the child’s physical, mental, and behavioral evaluations. We are very selective and will contact you if we feel your son will fit into the exciting boy’s competitive program.
  • How do I know if my child passed?
    • Upon completion of a test, your child’s results will be evaluated and you will receive the results from your child’s coach.

Through our progressive gymnastics program your daughter can keep track of her accomplishments and work toward being the best gymnast she can be! Good Luck and GO FOR IT!