Mom and Me Class

Ages: 12 months-3 yrs

In the Mom/Me class they experience thrilling moments in the gym which range from rolling on mats to playing group games. Their experience on the gymnastics apparatus is normally in the form of obstacle courses. The tots are encouraged to climb, crawl, and jump from station to station. The objectives at each station are basic motor patterns and therefore, simple to complete. Tot and parent share all of this excitement as they work through each class as partners.

An additional benefit of being involved in gymnastics at this young age is the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age. Sharing, following simple directions and social skill development are all-important aspects of a Parent/Tot Program. Long verbal explanations and demonstrations by the teacher are kept to a minimum due to the children’s short attention span.

There is more than meets the eye going on with participation in gymnastics at a young age. Brain growth for one! The vestibular mechanism is located in the ear canal. This mechanism is responsible for balance. During gym class a myriad of opportunities exist for honing the skill of balance. When the vestibular mechanism of the brain is stimulated through gym class activities, it in turn stimulates other areas of the brain to grow, such as the ocular area of the brain. What an exciting outcome for being involved in a movement program at a young age!