Garrett Dmochowsky

Team Co-Head Coach & Team Parent Administrator

Team Co-Head Coach & Team Parent Administrator - Garrett Dmochowsky

My name is Garrett. I am 23 years old and I am married to the most incredible person in the world, Lu Dmochowsky (Recreational Director here at LEGA). I received my B.S. in K-12 Physical Education from Boise State University finishing in the top 13% of my class with a 3.86 GPA. I enjoy hunting and fishing here in the great North West and spending time with my wife and two dogs.

During my three years at BSU I served as a student manager for the BSU Women’s Gymnastics Team under Co-Head Coach and USA National Team Staff Member Neil Resnick. This experience was more than just moving mats. Neil mentored me in and outside of the gym. He taught me technique, skill progression, shapes, drills, how to condition for specific skills and most importantly how to teach to every athlete individually. I was blessed to have gotten that opportunity because it was an education that no University classroom could have taught me.

Before leaving Idaho I was offered positions as a Physical Educator, but gymnastics has stolen me away and I have decided to make LEGA my home. I love what I do and work very hard to become the most ideal version of myself every day. If your child is one of our students, thank you for allowing us to spend so much time with them and trusting in us. If your child is not with us yet, I am excited to get to know them if they decide to stay!