Kelsey Bassett

Recreational Coach

Recreational Coach - Kelsey Bassett

Hello! I am Kelsey Bassett, high school student, athlete, animal fanatic, and recreational coach at Leading Edge! I attend Granite Falls High School, receiving all A’s and one B, planning to further my education junior year through EVCC at an Ocean Research College Academy!

Gymnastics has been a huge part of my life since I was 7 years old, and the perfect place to pursue my gymnastics career. The sport is a blessing, and far too often taken for granted. Starting at level 7, as I hit my first big growth spurt, my body didn’t cooperate quite as well. The 2016 season, my second year as a level 9, was unfortunate as I found out I had 3 pars fractures in my back. Through all the months of back braces and physical therapy, I was at the gym every almost every day my teammates were, and that was when I began to consider coaching. With the idea to still be in the place I love so dearly, while still being involved in gymnastics. Teaching young gymnasts has brightened up the gym in my eyes, and has been so exciting helping them progress! It’s so incredibly fun to build relationships, as both a role model and a friend, with the future gymnasts of LEGA!

Spring of 2016 I decided to join my high school track team in pole vault, continuing to break school records and paint my path to state! Due to it being over a year since my injury has attempted to conclude my gymnastics career, I plan to return this summer in hope for a full recovery!