Quinn Davis

Recreational and Xcel Coach

Recreational and Xcel Coach - Quinn Davis

I am a high school student attending running start at Everett Community College. I spent 13 years as a gymnast at two different gyms. My first seven years of gymnastics was spent at The Little Gym in Everett. Then, at age of 9 I decided I wanted to be a more serious gymnast, so I started at LEGA. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have never felt more at home like I do here.

When you spend the majority of your time involved in this sport, it is very important to feel at home. It was extremely hard to keep up in school with the little time I had to do anything, but I continued to be a student that received A’s and B’s. While trying to jump from level 5 to level 7, I found out that I had a very bad stress fracture in my left shin, caused by shin splints. Fortunately, that did not stop me from working every skill to the best of my ability, making it to level 7 the next year. I continued successfully through level 9 but, while training for level 10, my body could no longer take the stresses. I decided it was best for me to quit. When I told my parents and younger sister the news, along with the fact that I wanted to join my high school swim team instead, they were very supportive. I am beyond fortunate to have such a wonderful family! I chose swimming so that I could do a sport that worked my body just as hard as gymnastics and in a way that was more efficient for my health. Right after I quit gymnastics I was immediately offered a job coaching. The experience since that day has been beyond amazing, and I could not say that without the help of all of my wonderful little gymnasts!