Letter about Ian

Dear Leading Edge Gymnastic Academy,

Our grandson, Ian Lambert, has been attending classes at LEGA for the past year. As a two-year-old diagnosed with autism, we were looking or a way to provide some occupational therapy. We were on a wait list for therapy, so we enrolled him in LEGA to learn to be more comfortable with his body and gain confidence in himself.

We have been amazed at what he has learned in gymnastics this year. Ian started out with a very limited vocabulary, using words like up, down, round and round. At the end of the year, Ian can actually hold a conversation with his coach using short sentences. His speech has improved from about 50 words to more than 300 words.

When we began this process, he would only cry and cling to his Mom. Now he zips away with glee and really enjoys his sessions. He is learning to follow directions. He can count to five, puts away his equipment, bounce on the trampoline by himself, scale the tower and slide down the pole, walk easily on the balance beam two feet off the ground, and can log roll and somersault. He learns from observing others in the gym.

Ian’s teachers at Seattle’s Children Autism Center are amazed at his agility. Being physically fit helps Ian to make friends in class. His preschool teacher has remarked that his BEST DAYS are after his weekly gymnastic class.

Through our LEGA experience, Ian has gained strength, verbal ability, balance and the ability to follow directions. We are thrilled to be part of the LEGA family and will continue to be for years to come.

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