Xcel Gymnastics Program

Leading Edge Gymnastics would like to welcome you and your family to our Xcel team program! You are about to embark on a very exciting journey into the world of competitive gymnastics.

Xcel is geared towards gymnasts ages 10 and up who are interested in exploring the world of gymnastics. Although all Xcel practices start with a basic warm up and conditioning program, Xcel offers these gymnasts more opportunities than would be possible in a recreational class. Gymnasts are encourage to pursue skills that interest them (through progressive training and safety standards), and are given more latitude to work on those skills. Instruction and spotting are given on each event based on progressions, safety and the goals of the gymnast.

With Xcel starting later in the evenings, gymnasts have access to the training equipment throughout the gym. Access to the training pits, full sized bars and beams, allows for many more training options than are available in a regular class situation. The following text describes the three types of training that comprise our new Xcel system, along with the fees associated with each level.

We look forward to having your athlete as a part of our Xcel program!

Non-competitive Xcel:
2¼ hours per class
1x per week $160 per month
2x per week $230 per month

Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Monday and/or Wednesday

Each 2¼ hour class starts with a brief cardio warm up, followed by a group stretch and basic conditioning. This 40 minute warm up allows for added focus on training for the physical demands of gymnastics. Event rotations are 25 minutes each (when working all 4 events in a single practice), which allows for more instructional time on skills. Each class ends with a 10 minute stretching program to increase flexibility. This training format has given our gymnasts not only an awesome training experience, but also the satisfaction of setting out to learn certain skills, and being able to accomplish those skills!

Competitive Xcel
In-House Meets Only:
2 ½ hours per class
2x per week $230 per month

6:00pm – 8:30pm
Monday – Thursday (Choose Days)

Additional fees:
Leotard – $90
In house meets (4) – $TBD (or $TBD each meet)

Total additional fees: $TBD
The training format for all Xcel practices remains the same, regardless of the number of days per week a gymnast practices. The Xcel Rec Opt program adds the opportunity for Xcel gymnastics to compete gymnastics routines at a series of in house gymnastics competitions, but without the pressure of strict competitive rules, scores and outside competition. There is no travel involved, and meets are not required. (There are no refunds, however, for missed meets.) Routines are choreographed by our optional team gymnasts and/or coaches during practice hours, so there are no additional choreography charges for beam or floor. Gymnasts can choose floor music from our library at no cost, or purchase or cut their own music if they so choose. (Music should be no more than 40 seconds, without words or vocals.)

Competitive Xcel:
2x per week: $230
3x per week: $250

6:00pm – 8:30pm
Monday – Thursday (Choose Days)

Additional fees:
Leotard – $90
In House (4) + Travel meets (up to 4) – $800
USAG #: $54.00 (Excludes State Championship)
Warm-ups: (TBD)

Total additional fees: $944
The USA Gymnastics Xcel program offers gymnasts the opportunity to compete against other programs in a limited capacity. Xcel is meant as an alternative program to the more intense USA Gymnastics level system, and is ideal for former gymnasts or advanced gymnasts who would like the challenge of regular competitions. Competition is local, there are 5 different competitive levels within USA Gymnastics Xcel, and meets can be large, loud and exciting! Gymnasts must have routines that meet the competitive standards of their level, and must show quality in their performances to be allowed to be involved in this program. Since the competitive fees for away meets are usually paid– and they do not refund – months in advance, these fees are nonrefundable. Unfortunately, that includes missed meets due to illness or injury.
Music Options: Library – free or Buy/cut your own music (No vocals, maximum: 50 sec)
Choreography: by Coach: Cost varies.