Girls and Boys of all ages.


Special Needs Gymnastics is for persons of any age that require special attention. We offer classes and prices to work with parents' busy schedules and budgets. The basic gymnastics equipment and other fun activities are used to teach students their skills in a one hour semi-private lesson.


*Mon: N/A

*Tu: N/A

*Wed: N/A

*Thur: N/A

*Fri: 4:00pm and 5:00pm

*Sat: 10:00am and 11:00am

How Much?

1 Day/Week: $71.20 DDA rate per month

2 Days/Week: N/A

3 Days/Week: N/A

4 Days/Week: N/A

5 Days/Week: N/A

Contact us now for more information.

Tuition Discounts

Registration Fee: $45.00 (1st Child) $20.00 (2nd Child) $0.00 (any other Children)

Tuition: First child full price. 2nd child $5.00 off, 3rd child $10.00 etc.

Boeing/Military: $10.00 off tuition for each child in attendance.

Prepay Discount: 3 month prepaid (5% discount) 6 months prepaid (10% discount)

*All classes are subject to schedule changes. Your child's instructor will inform you of any schedule changes.

Special Needs

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