Taylor Robertson

I have been a gymnast for nearly ten years now, and have been at LEGA for nine of those years. Being homeschooled most of my life, gymnastics was an outlet. I not only learned physical skills in class, but also discipline, teamwork, confidence, and self-control.

Outside of gymnastics, I enjoy: art, photography, spending time with friends, school, mission work, and working with kids.

I am soon to be 16 years old and am going into my sophomore year in high school. I will also be doing a running start program at Everett Community College starting in the fall. I am considering focusing my schooling on youth involvement, and physical therapy.


I had to stop gymnastics about a year and a half ago, though my love for it has only since grown. Being able to now teach what I once learned has proven to be just as impactful as being taught. I consider this opportunity to come back and coach at LEGA a blessing. Leading Edge has always been a second home, and I am very grateful to my coaches. One of my goals here is to pass on that love and support I received while I was working towards being a better gymnast.

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